Circulation supply of $BPX

Black Phoenix Team intends to Stake 62.75% Of the Total supply for the plans of the Future.

The purpose of Make less available Tokens than the total Supply is the way that we can have Diverse market with high Volume of Trading and Transactions to Trend Black Phoenix (BPX) Cryptocurrency in the Cryptocurrency market so all users can test the real profit of this currency.


The Circulation Supply amount is 1,490,000,000 but all of this amount have not been distribution yet and waits for completing the Airdrop and bounty amount also the rest of it will be Injection to the market , we are staking 2,510,000,000 $BPX Tokens and the percentage of the stake amount is 62,75 %, you can see this details HERE .


And if you want to know about BPX Team plans for the date of release this stake amount you should know that if everything goes well and We meet our goals in future than we will release this amount to the market, but in one Condition that Increasing the liquidity have will no harms for currency and its holders.


note : we have no plans to burn the supply yet also with amount of total supply we don’t think this action will be require , but if this action will be needed we will make sure that everyone will know about this before happening .

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