Black Phoenix is Here To fly in crypto World:

This Currency is on Tron Blockchain and have a lot of potentials to Bring more and more benefits to its users


Black Phoenix is a cryptocurrency with capacity of transform newcomer to the advanced users and bring profits for its HOLDERS as much as they holding it.


Get ready to explore the world of currency

BPX Team Intends To after being a Profitability currency for its users and achieve to market objectives by listing on the top exchanges of market and possession the propriate percentage of market, start to build a Blockchain technology Named “Black Phoenix Blockchain” (BPX Network) that purpose of this action is very low fees, fast and safe transactions to having a potential for everyone for build a new tokens based on “BPX network”.

BPX Team Intends To make Wallet named “Black Phoenix Wallet” with a new Innovation for users ease of users to utilization of this coin this wallet can support other coins and Tokens with its fast and safe transactions in low fees.

BPX Team intends to make a decentralized exchange for ease of use by holders and this currency users along with trading the top cryptocurrencies in “BPX Exchange”


See the price moment


Black Phoenix Exclusive Swap

Special swap with different and exciting capabilities for users
4 trading pairs BNB, DOT, TRX, and $BPX with the ability to easily create a Liquidity pool for currency owners and unique abilities for The ‌Swap that wants to be the best.

Metavars & Payment System

In the new BLACK PHOENIX payment system woven in the world of Metavars
You have information on the amount of heating produced from the material purchased or being purchased
You can see the profit of food, the percentage of purchase, and even the price in other stores.
You can see the place of production or the milk produced from each cow
just imagine buying a new car with its specific details or daily goods.
The attractiveness of shopping in the BLACK PHOENIX payment system is the beginning of a new generation of money and an attractive future payment system
its just the payment system section that’s why we have a long way ahead.

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