Note that BPX AirDrop Round 3 is now active

Note that BPX AirDrop Round 3 is now active.
Payment in this round is made instantly.
And maybe this is the last chance to get a free BLACK PHOENIX currency before starting the BPX exchange.
So send the robot to all your friends, relatives and people who are important to you, to be able to get BLACK PHOENIX for free and keep it for their future.
We are a big part of the future.
Get started now and get_free_BPX.

We are proud to announce that, since the previous AirDrop until present, we have been listed in most wallets and are present in vindex, azbit, coinsbit, xt, bitrue, aax, sunswap exchanges.
So do’nt miss out this wonderful opportunity, Because it is’nt clear at all, what BLACK PHOENIX will be in what situation to be next time and it may not be accessible to everyone in the community.

Important note

You can only withdraw once with each wallet.
And each account can withdraw once a week.
So first make sure and then harvest.
Withdrawal is done in an instant.
If the day withdraws are complete, try again the next day.


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