Youtube Competition

BlackPhoenix Youtube Competition is here now be part of it and earn BPX Tokens

Make a video about Black Phoenix and upload it on youtube to be one of the 4 winners for that , Here is the Prizes for top 4 winners
1. 70,000 BPX Tokens
2. 50,000 BPX Tokens
3. 30,000 BPX Tokens
4. 10,000 BPX Tokens

Youtube Competition

Your Video most be included as Black Phoenix goals,

top information,

future of this currency Instruction for participation in Airdrop ,

vision of this currency , your opinion about this currency,

your description of Black paper and Road map,

and most of all your video have to teach the viewers that how.

they can Join Airdrop and use the pre-sale on the official website.

when the number of active wallets reach to

15,000 Competition ends

and Winners will be Announced.

Youtube Competition

Winner will be specified with this condition :

1. 40k view or more (its just for the first winner)

2. 20k view or more ( its just for the second winner )

3. Views lower than 20k is accepted for the third and fourth winners.

4. Winners will be chose by our Referees

For participate in this Competition use this hashtags :

#BPX _ Youtube Competition #Black_Phoenix_Competition

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