Black Phoenix BPX press release on U.Today

Black Phoenix have been attended to join the listing vote of Bitrue exchange at November 29 and gathered 10,977,094 BTR vote casts (3,182,588 $) as staking BTR by users who wanted to see $BPX in Bitrue exchange for trading.


Black Phoenix (BPX) Will be listed on Bitrue Exchange the top 13 Exchange of the market with 11 million BTR Votes at this date and time:

11:00 utc+0 on next Monday

Black Phoenix will Provide a new Blockchain system that prevents any frauds of other tokens that will be built on this Blockchain, cause of the technology advances for payment ways Black Phoenix Attends to bring new generation of payment system with the Future Plans for Providing a Universal ATM payment machines for cryptocurrencies to the all of the world and that’s making this currency unique in the worldwide.


Black Phoenix (BPX)

Black Phoenix is a cryptocurrency, released in April 2021, was launched on TRON’s own blockchain, with low fees and Fast Transactions, using its TRC-20 standard. says that it employs “the highest level of security measures” in order to secure user funds, but advises that cryptocurrency involves inherent risk.

The purpose of Phoenix in the name of Currency is that this bird is unique and BPX want to be unique as its Color in Crypto World.

To be more effective in market will be grown as there plans and take its place, bright future ahead, and the goal is made you a major investor in digital currency market.

The Phoenix Can fly in the crypto world to conquer the target prices, goal is to grab a lot of profit for new and also elder users in the crypto currency market and for that needs holders that can grow up.

Black Phoenix is a cryptocurrency with capacity of transform newcomer to the advanced users and bring profits for its HOLDERS as much as they holding it.

Black Phoenix Circulation supply:

Black Phoenix intends to Stake 62.75% Of the Total supply for the plans of the Future.

Total supply: 4,000,000,000

Circulation supply: 1,490,000,000

More about this is here

Future Plans of Black Phoenix (BPX):

1- Exclusive blockchain: BPX Team Intends To after being a Profitability currency for its users and achieve to market objectives by listing on the top exchanges of market and possession the propriate percentage of market, start to build a Blockchain technology Named “Black Phoenix Blockchain” (BPX Network) that purpose of this action is very low fees, fast and safe transactions to having a potential for everyone for build a new tokens based on “BPX network”.

2- Exclusive wallet:  BPX Team Intends To make Wallet named “Black Phoenix Wallet” with a new Innovation for users ease of users to utilization of this coin this wallet can support other coins and Tokens with its fast and safe transactions in low fees.

3- Exclusive exchange: BPX Team intends to make a decentralized exchange for ease of use by holders and this currency users along with trading the top cryptocurrencies in “BPX Exchange”

4- Exclusive Payment system:  BPX team intends to make a unique payment system in worldwide so all people can use it for their daily buys or trades, cause of growing the payment ways is the world we can grow our currency with this.

For more Descriptions about these Items please read Black Phoenix Black Paper.

Black Phoenix listed Exchanges:

BPX Currency In less than 8 months, it has been listed in 5 exchanges, the top exchanges for trading in Black Phoenix are currently  : XT , Vindax , Azbit, Sunswap , Whitex and Will be listed on Bitrue at this date and time :11:00 utc+0 on next Monday.

More about Black Phoenix $BPX:

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